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 Sean Morey

"The Man Song" Guy!


for your comedy club, theater or private event.

"Sean is number one on my list of truly funny comedians.  Nobody makes me laugh more and his shows always sell out for us."

 -Mike Cushman, Clear Channel Radio


"A top-notch stand-up comic with a large supply of delightfully bent observations."

-Los Angeles Times


"Sean Morey is funny as hell!  Not only a tremendous comic but a great guy to work with before and after the show.  Our sold out crowd of 500+ had a blast!"


-Stan Parman, Citadel Broadcasting


“The Funniest Songwriter in America” 


-Tom Griswold of The Bob and Tom Radio Show

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"Did you ever find some really old ice cream way back in your freezer all crusty and freezer burned?  That stuff is gross, isn't it?  At first."

"I got a call from a telemarketer the other day.  He said 'I'd like to speak to the person in charge of the phone bill.'  I said, 'We don't have a phone' and hung up on him.'"



"They have an award show for commercials.  I recorded it and then I fast forwarded through the whole thing."

"I hate people who use military time. Don't make me do math. 'I want that report at 800 hours.' I'm like, '800 hours... that's 33 days. I have plenty of time.'"

"Did you ever have an old car you had to open and start with a screwdriver?  That's embarrassing. It's even more embarrassing when you lock your screwdriver in the car."

"There's such a stigma to being divorced twice. It scares women off. I have to tell them I killed my first wife."

"They say men have a sexual thought every 10 seconds. I don't have a problem with that. It's that dead air in between I hate. I spend that time planning my next sexual thought."

"I had a girlfriend who worked at the LA Opera so I got to go to the opera for free. As opposed to the way I usually go, which is you have to pay me."


Sean Morey wanted to be a comedian at the age of eight. He was a big fan of the song parody star, Allen Sherman.

     Sean started his career as a street entertainer on the Boston Common doing comedy juggling and magic.      

     He soon moved on to stand-up comedy and he performed a popular one man show that ran for nine months, every Friday night at Boston’s Charles Theater.

     With a B.A. in Speech Communication from Northeastern University, Morey opened Sean Morey’s Comedy School where he led improvisational and stand-up comedy workshops. Aspiring comedians Paul Barclay and Bill Downes met in his school and decided to start a comedy showcase at the Charles on Wednesday nights. This was the first comedy club in Boston. Sean’s classes emphasized the supportive camaraderie that was taught at Northeastern and the comedy scene thrived. Sean moved to Los Angeles soon after but he was dubbed “The father of Boston comedy.”  

     In Los Angeles, Sean became a regular at all the local clubs and soon made six appearances on The Tonight Show. His first performance with Johnny Carson was a smash hit and he was signed with the William Morris Agency.

     Sean performed in Vegas, Tahoe and Atlantic City opening for many big stars and was also hired as a staff writer on NBC’s The Big Show, writing for such legends as Steve Allen, Sid Caesar, Gene Kelly and Tony Randall.

     After years of entertaining in casinos, comedy clubs, theaters, colleges and on cruise ships Sean became a star of morning radio. His comedy hit, “The Man Song,” produced by Tom Griswold of The Bob and Tom Show, got wide airplay on over one thousand morning shows across the U.S. and in Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

     Happy to ride the wave, Sean wrote many more comedy songs, tailoring them to the various radio formats. His hilarious show of stand-up comedy and music is still delighting audiences wherever he goes. 

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