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Sean Morey's Best Songs (Volume One)

Price: $ 15.00

The Man Song
Dear Santa (I want a stick)
The A.D.D. Song
I Think it’s Gonna be a Great Day
The Toddler Song
The Man Who Doesn’t Exist
Love through the Ages
It’s all about Me
A Hairy Ass
The Cat Song
I Think it’s Gonna be a Bad Day
Repo Man is coming to Town

Sean Morey's Best Songs (Volume Two)

Price: $ 15.00

Horizontal Surfaces
No One Ruins Love Like You
He Said, She Heard
The Back-up Singers
16 Dolilies and a Tea Cozy
My Valentine Ho
Back in the AARP
A Wayward Hair
The Impossible Space
The Woman Who Doesn't Exist
I Did it Her Way (The Anniversary Song)
The Lovers Duet
Grandpa the Snowman
White Trash Christmas

He's The Man

Price: $ 15.00

"Live" with studio audience:

1.  The Man Song
2.  Magic Mini-Van
3.  A Hairy Ass
4.  The Woman Song
5.  On The Internet
6.  He Said, She Heard
7.  Ghost Chickens In The Sky

"Live" nightclub show with stand-up comedy and songs:

8.  Public School
9.  Prisons
10.  L.A.
11.  The South
12.  Food
13.  Stupid Stuff
14.  Annoying Stuff
15.  Ghost Chickens
16.  He Said, She Heard
17.  A Hairy Ass
18.  Marriage
19.  Babies
20.  Men & Women
21.  The Audience Song
22.  On The Internet
23.  The Man Song
24.  The Woman Song
25.  It's Christmas Time Again

I Think It's Gonna Be A Great Day!

Price: $ 15.00

1.  I think it's gonna be a Great Day! (rated G)
2.  I'm dreaming of a White Trash Christmas (rated G)
3. Good/Bad (rated PG-13)
4. The Toddler Song (rated G)
5. I think it's gonna be a Bad Day (rated G)
6. No Man's Land (The Purse Song) (rated G)
7. The Baby Song (rated G)
8. He Said, She Heard (rated G)

I Did It Her Way

Price: $ 15.00

Live from "The Ice House" in Pasadena, California:

1.  Her Way ("The Anniversary Song")
2.  Billy Boy
3.  The Annoying Song
4.  It's All About Me
5.  Corn
6.  Repo Man is Coming to Town
7.  Grandpa the Snowman

Stand-Up Comedy:

8.  L. A.
9.  Fireworks
10.  Lawsuits and Weird Products
11.  Television Stupidity
12.  Nature Specials and Movie Food
13.  Dumb Signs and Supermarkets
14.  Around the House
15.  Miscellaneous Observations
16.  Babies
17.  Weird Behavior
18.  Weird Behavior 2
19.  Weird Behavior 3
20.  Pets
21.  Men/Women
22.  Sex and Birth Control
23.  Marriage
24.  Marriage 2

When a Man Loves a TV

Price: $ 15.00

1.  The Baby Song (rated G)
2.  I Will Survive (The Inlaws) (rated G)
3.  The Lovers Duet (rated G)
4.  Diarrheaville (rated G)
5.  At Home Depot (rated G)
6.  The Presidents Day Song (rated G)
7.  When a Man Loves a TV (rated G)
8.  Back in the AARP (rated G)
9.  No Man's Land (rated G)
10.  I am the Plantiff (rated G)
11.  Horny Porny Christmas (rated PG-13)
12.  The Impossible Space (rated G)
Cleaner versions of some songs from other Sean Morey albums:
13.  The Woman Song (rated G)
14.  A Hairy "Butt" (rated PG)
15.  The Annoying Song (rated PG)

The Evolution of Man

Price: $ 15.00

T-Shirt (XL only.  One size fits most)

High grade 100% cotton, white shirt with "The Evolution of Man" printed on front.

On the back:
The words to
"The Man Song!"

Top Dog

Price: $ 15.00

Low profile cotton hat with embroidered "TOP DOG" on front "NEUTERED" on back!

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